This is the program's first step, designed to determine your Program Certification Level. 

To ensure objectivity and the value of the Pre-assessment, we require independent validation of your Pre-assessment by a Reviewer who is familiar with your work and at a suitable level of authority. Please provide examples for all of the points you claim in your Pre-assessment, as this supporting information will assist the Reviewer.

Reviewer Assignment 

If you have not had a Reviewer pre-­assigned, your first step will be to nominate a Reviewer by following our on-­screen instructions. Please note that we verify all Reviewer nominations to ensure the integrity of the review process. 

Your Pre-assessment cannot be submitted for review until your Reviewer is approved. We appreciate your patience. The Pre-assessment is a straightforward process, and the on-screen instructions are easy to follow. When Pre-assessment is submitted, an email will be automatically generated to let your manager/reviewer know they have a review outstanding.

Your Program Level 

Based on the scores of your validated Pre-assessment, you will be advised of the Program Level for which you have qualified. 

Your Certification Level (Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner

Your Certification Level is based on a holistic assessment of your Skills, Knowledge, and Experience, and it is awarded upon successful completion of all assessment components. 

We assess the skills and experience through an online Pre-assessment, validated by your nominated reviewer, and therefore it must be accurately completed with examples provided for each claimed point. Please note that certain fields of the assessment, such as the extent of business acumen and the level of professional contribution, are especially important to this determination.