1. No Candidate shall represent another person's work as his/her own in any assignment, even if the material so represented constitutes only a part of the work submitted.
  2. No Candidate shall copy ideas found in print books, articles, research papers or on the Internet without giving proper credit to the original sources. 
  3. No Candidate shall use formal WorldCC feedback provided to another learner.
  4. No Candidate shall contribute any work to another learner if he/she knows or should know that the latter may submit the work in part or whole as his/her own. 
  5. Receipt of payment in whatever form for work contributed shall raise a presumption that the learner had such knowledge. 
  6. Any Candidate found to have committed or aided and abetted the offense of plagiarism may be subject to the following penalties depending on the severity of involvement in the offense. 
    1. The Candidate shall receive no marks or a reduction of marks for the relevant assignment;
    2. The Candidate shall fail the program of study, with or without any marks given for that program of study; and
    3. A person found to have aided and abetted shall lose their certified status.
  1. Candidates should seek clarification from their supervisors if they are unsure whether they are plagiarising another person's work.