To define skills and knowledge, IACCM pulled together a group of senior managers from some of the leading corporations - North American and European - and arranged a series of workshops to define 'what makes a commercial contracts professional / department excellent'. IACCM created a portfolio of skill and knowledge areas, which were then validated through reviews by more than 400 managers in 26 countries.

This portfolio acts as the core of IACCM's philosophy 

This portfolio of skills and knowledge is continuously reviewed and updated. IACCM also validates through extensive benchmarks of organization and process, which now involve more than 500 corporations in the US alone, and give us extensive insights into a role, reporting lines and key performance measurements.

Today, that list of skill and knowledge fields has around 40 core characteristics (specific companies or industries sometimes add further items of specialist knowledge). Overall, this list is representative of the range of functional competencies; individual jobs require a smaller sub-set - usually around 18 - 20 characteristics. These vary depending on specific job/role descriptions and areas of responsibility.

The mandatory areas we view as 'core' to the profession are:

  • Commitment to change and personal development (self-motivation)
  • Communications - Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Analytical / problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork - Time management Additions to these
  • The areas that are job/role related
  • Come from the following categories, each of which contains between 4 and 8 skill or knowledge fields (e.g. things like 'ability to draft terms and conditions' or 'financial awareness'): - Knowledge of employer/industry - Client relationships - Business contribution - Business acumen - Technical - Cultural / International