IACCM provides the following Consultancy and Advisory Services:

Capability Maturity Assessment

IACCM offers a confidential and objective analysis of current performance and compares your results against industry norms and world-class standards. The assessment process is carried out through a standardized, online survey. Unlike many similar assessments, we include stakeholder opinions to ensure objective insights to process performance, not just a purely functional view. We offer assessment against nine areas of competence and at five levels of performance, comparing your results with competition and world-class standards.

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Skills Assessment

IACCM’s online skills assessment tool provides a benchmarked gap analysis to underpin competency development at individual, team or functional level. The analysis identifies skills and competence gaps, both within the team and against industry benchmarks. This unique approach draws from a database of worldwide cross-industry data to provide insights that ensure targeted training and development initiatives and enable monitoring of their effectiveness. Assessment is undertaken against seven categories of competence: Personal, Knowledge of Employer / Industry, Client / Relationships, Business Contribution, Business Acumen, Technical Multinational

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Contract Design Assessment

This confidential service is where IACCM’s team of experts evaluate each contract template against five criteria:

  • Language: How understandable are the words in your contract?
  • Design: Does the design make the contract structure clear and easy to read?
  • Relationship: How far does your document go to cultivate a positive relationship among the contracting parties?
  • Content: What is your content and is it organized to deliver your document's purpose?
  • Balance: Do the terms of your contract generate a sense of collaboration and trust?

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Research Services

IACCM is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential thought leadership for innovation in global trading relationships and practices. Our outcomes deliver sustainable, achievable, ethical solutions designed to foster economic growth. We:

  • Engage with governments, the private sector, in open forums and confidential discussions about programs and practices that capitalize on opportunities to achieve their goals and advance commercial and contracting activities and innovation
  • Produce independent and rigorous analysis of critical global and industry-specific challenges and opportunities
  • Offer dependable and responsible solutions to decision-makers and shapers
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